“Power of Place” is Jackson’s strength

“We have everything we need [to responsibly develop Jackson] on paper,” Duerr said. “We have the Comprehensive Plan’s vision statement about the natural world and the environment being the foundation of our economy but words aren’t getting it done. There has to be some deeper commitment than what happens in planning meetings because in spite of everyone’s best efforts, we’re destroying this place by growth.”
With Jackson’s resources, including the people who move from all over the world to live, work and play here, Duerr believes the community can set a precedent for others to follow should Jackson figure out a sustainable and environmentally friendly way forward.
“We’re at a tipping point as a community. I would like for [Jackson] to be known for succeeding at finding the right balance between commerce and conservation and growth that is appropriate to a special place like this,” Duerr said. “That would be our story to the world, we actually did it right here.”

Duerr aims to protect the Hole