Chamber Honors

Impressive List of Jackson Hold Standouts Congratulations to the 51st Annual Award Recipients! Power of Place Award: Steve Duerr Read Article

Duerr Aims to Protect the Hole

 Former Chamber director has touted ‘Power of Place’ as Jackson’s strength.   The power of place is an elusive idea, but you know it when you feel it.  Steve Duerr, a Jackson lawyer, real estate agent, conservationist and history buff, spent the last 35 years trying to articulate Jackson’s unique blend of natural beauty and small-town… Read More

Teton Leads Nation in Per Capita Income

Astronomical wealth complicates life for residents of truly average means. For the first time in American history, the “average” resident of a U.S. county earned more than a quarter-million dollars last year. Surprise — it’s us. In other words, if you were to take all the income generated by Teton County’s 23,000 residents in 2018… Read More

Western Ranches Newsletter

Representing Legacy Ranch Land of the Mountain West Tricks of the Trade with Top Broker There is a certain cachet commanded by ranch properties. It’s a muted pride in the land, a respect for its heritage and traditions, and an appreciation of the hard work and independence the lifestyle demands. It is little wonder, then,… Read More

2017 Top Producer: Steve Duerr

Associate broker Steve Duerr topped all other agents in sales volume last year at Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates, just part of what the firm said was a record year. Duerr’s big 2017 was made by the sale of the Dodge Ranch near Medicine Bow. The 20,502-acre ranch also has 5,554 acres of leased land… Read More

“Power of Place” is Jackson’s strength

“We have everything we need [to responsibly develop Jackson] on paper,” Duerr said. “We have the Comprehensive Plan’s vision statement about the natural world and the environment being the foundation of our economy but words aren’t getting it done. There has to be some deeper commitment than what happens in planning meetings because in spite… Read More

Jackson Hole is not ‘anytown USA’

Duerr says that in the present politically polarized atmosphere of Washington, D.C. that has also become manifested in the hinters, citizens need to put aside their blind adherence to political labels and identity and think broader. He says there are no family values more priceless than loved ones who spend time outdoors together, in an… Read More

We can be that City on a Hill if we try

In the spring of 1630, nearing 400 years ago, while embarked on the Arbela and voyaging to America, Puritan John Winthrop delivered to his fellow seekers what became known as the “City on a Hill” sermon, then titled “A Model of Christian Charity.” The passion propelling the dangerous ocean crossing was the desire for spiritual… Read More